Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What Makes a Good Locksmith?

Finding yourself locked out of your home or car is not a pleasant experience. But it is something that happens more often than most people would like. Now, when this happens, the first thought is to look for a locksmith. Usually, it is a good idea to find a good locksmith before the need for their services arises. But truth be told, many people do not think that they will ever need a locksmith in the near future. So, how do you decide which locksmith to call in under ten minutes? What are the qualities that distinguish a good locksmith?


A good locksmith is available 24 hours a day, because lock emergencies tend to happen at the worst of times. So if you make a call to the locksmith and the phone is answered by his machine, hang up and move on to another locksmith.


It is not enough for a locksmith to be available 24 hours a day if they will require hours to get to your place. As such, it is a good idea to restrict your search for a locksmith to your locality. If the locksmith will take say, more than 30 minutes to get to you, you might want to go for one who is nearer to you.


Locksmiths get access to the most precious assets of a person, including their safes and the houses and cars. If something goes wrong while a locksmith is working on your locks, you need to have the assurance that such a loss or damage will be covered. Therefore only go for those locksmiths that come with insurance.

Word of mouth

In certain fields, word of mouth is highly critical. And that is the case with locksmiths. Should a friend or family member tell you to be wary of a certain locksmith- pay attention. If online reviews about a particular locksmith point towards disappointment, proceed with caution.


There are different ways to deal with different situations involving locks. If you constantly lose your keys, your locksmith should be in a position to offer you options that eliminate this problem. For instance, they might recommend installing a biometric locking system. Do not settle for a locksmith whose idea of fixing a problem is unlocking and/or replacing locks. That is just not enough.


It is always advisable to get a locksmith with whom you can easily build a rapport. After all, you want to build a relationship with them so you can call on them whenever something goes wrong. A locksmith should be professional, personable and friendly. If you feel that you cannot get along or trust a particular locksmith, do not force a relationship.

And of course, a locksmith needs to have the right kind of training, licensing and certification. One does not wake up and decide that they will be picking and fixing locks for a living. There is training to be undergone and licensing to be obtained. So ask for this as well.

If your locksmith meets all the criteria on the checklist, it is time to put their number on your speed dial. 

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